Camila Gaudio: Aruanã

Before starting her entrepreneurial journey, Camila held a variety of roles in factories and engineering companies having graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2006, but even before this she had a strong desire to run her own business. Wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps who was also an entrepreneur, Camila joined her father’s business, Aruanã, in 2014.

Aruanã is a nature camp for kids located outside Sao Paulo. The company is strongly focused on sustainability, with school children visiting the camp to learn about SDGs. Aruanã employs many single mothers who are offered support with childcare and financial education.

Camila graduated from the 10,000 Women in 2016 and found the program to be a turning point, seeing the Growth Fellowship as an opportunity to gain expert advice and help her develop a marketing strategy to launch a new immersive English language camp for kids.