Kayan Motashaw: LivRite Global Creations (Beelicious Honey)

Kayan has been an entrepreneur at heart from a young age. Her passion for clean food and precautionary healthcare led to her starting LivRite which was founded to offer consumers real products that facilitate guilt free indulgence.

Having studied Biochemistry and having previously worked in laboratories, Kayan felt her potential wasn’t being fully utilized in her corporate job and wanted to have a bigger impact on society and the world.

After graduating from the 10,000 Women course in 2020, Kayan launched her first product in the form of ethically sourced honey brand Beelicious. Kayan first enrolled onto the 10,000 Women business education course for support with her financial planning and to help scale her business. Beelicious has been selected as one of India’s top 500 challenger brands, amongst several awards and achievements.