Victorine Sarr: Lyvv cosmetics

Victorine started her business when she became frustrated at not being able to find skincare products that were right for her skin tone. With this frustration came her realization of the gap in the market, which is when she developed Lyvv Cosmetics, a manufacturing business creating skincare and make up for people of color.

Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, Victorine has traveled to over 150 countries including obtaining a master’s in Management before completing her MBA in Luxury Marketing in New York. With several years of experience working with major corporate brands, Victorine took the leap into running her own business when she quit her job and launched Lyvv Cosmetics.

Having ran her business for several years, Victorine completed the 10,000 Women course to help enhance the management and finance areas of her business. Victorine took part in our 2023 Growth Fellowship with the aim of learning more about business finance from experienced professionals.