Zaiba Sarang: iThink Logistics

Zaiba’s story began from growing up in a financially challenged home to becoming one of the Times 40 under 40 North 2022 leaders. Whilst still in school, Zaiba could not afford to complete her education and relied on a scholarship through a local NGO that enabled her to complete her education.

Following her passion for entrepreneurship Zaiba co-founded iThink Logistics in 2017, an end-to-end AI-enabled SaaS-based shipping platform that now covers 26,000+ pin codes across India. In 2019 Zaiba completed 10,000 Women, our free online business education course, to enhance her sales and marketing efforts. Having completed the course and continuing to grow her business, Zaiba is now looking to expand her business internationally.

Alongside the success of her business, Zaiba has not forgotten her roots and donates a portion of monthly profits to help to people in need of educational and medical support.