Meet the Women

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  • Madhu

    Designer Bengaluru, India 'Entrepreneurship is all about perseverance, about believing enough to withstand anything and everything that comes your way. If you enjoy what you do, the journey will be fun. There is no shortcut to success.' More

  • Rasha

    Authentic Egyptian Art Production Cairo, Egypt 'I am very passionate about the 10,000 Women program and I am forever grateful for the chance I got to learn and grow. ' More

  • Reem

    Tourism Cairo, Egypt 'When experience and education are combined, the highest levels of success can be reached. I am thankful I got this from 10,000 Women.' More

  • Shah

    Interior Design Islamabad, Pakistan '10,000 Women gave me vision, self-confidence, creativity, self-control and courage, which has allowed me to fulfill my entrepreneurship dream.' More