Having obtained a National Diploma in Civil Engineering in her hometown of Johannesburg, Caroll now provides mentorship and internships for young women looking to build their careers in the construction industry.  Through her business Kapcor Ltd, Caroll aims to ensure a high standard of work whilst striving to achieve industry-leading sustainability goals for all aspects of landscaping, building and earthworks.

Why apply for the 10,000 Women Growth Fellowship?
“After completing the 10,000 Women business education course I did my research on the Growth Fellowship and found so many alumni sharing the positive impact it had on their businesses. Being a global initiative, I saw the Fellowship as an opportunity to help me accessing more global markets. The business education we received from the many experienced individuals who were also part the Fellowship was invaluable. I left feeling more motivated than ever to keep going and fight for my dreams. Thank you so much to Goldman Sachs and each partner that made this trip a success for Entrepreneurs like myself across the globe.”