Bayes Impact and other Nonprofits Receive Grants Through 'Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Impact Fund' Winners

Goldman Sachs Gives awarded $175,000 to winners of the Analyst Impact Fund competition, in which teams of Goldman Sachs analysts around the world competed for a grant towards a nonprofit of their choice.

Five analysts comprising the winning team were awarded a grant of $100,000 towards Bayes Impact, a nonprofit that builds open-source software products for disadvantaged citizens. They selected Bayes as an organization that demonstrated impact, scalability and innovation—and related to the organization’s cofounders, Paul Duan and Eric Liu, who are 24 and 25, respectively.

"We were initially drawn to them as a group of [young], like-minded individuals that had a passion to affect impact on a very large scale in real time," Olivia Benjamin, a member of the winning analyst team, told Business Insider. "That's something tech can do in a way that nothing else can."

The second place team in Bengaluru received $50,000 for Digital Green Foundation, a nonprofit integrating innovative technology with global development efforts to improve human wellbeing. In third place, a team from London was granted $25,000 for Solar Aid, which combats poverty and climate change in rural Africa. Grants of $15,000 were awarded to the three other finalist teams, representing Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, Reinserta un Mexicano, A.C. and World Bicycle Relief Fund.