Supporting Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon provides military veterans the opportunity to continue their service through disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

By rapidly deploying teams of veterans in response to emergency situations, Team Rubicon implements lessons learned in war for the greater cause of helping those in need. In turn, working with Team Rubicon helps give veterans a renewed sense of mission, community and self. The skills cultivated in the military – emergency medicine, risk mitigation, teamwork and decisive leadership – are invaluable in a disaster zone; and that is why Team Rubicon can be so effective so soon after a disaster hits. 

Since their first mission in Haiti in 2010, Team Rubicon has responded to more than 40 disasters from Burma to South Sudan and throughout the US.  Goldman Sachs Gives has committed significant resources to support Team Rubicon’s Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines.

Hurricane Sandy Response

Following Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, Goldman Sachs employees were immediately committed to supporting relief efforts. Team Rubicon was one of the few organizations on the ground when the storm hit, having already deployed 35 veteran volunteers to New York and New Jersey. The veteran volunteers were providing urgent medical care, rescuing people stranded in their homes and in floodwater, and conducting search and rescue operations alongside FEMA and first responders.

With support from Goldman Sachs Gives, Team Rubicon was able to quickly scale from 35 veteran volunteers to 350. In turn, the 350 Team Rubicon veteran volunteers led 10,000 civilian volunteers, including 300 volunteers from Goldman Sachs. Volunteers cleared debris, mucked out flooded basements, and distributed relief supplies, coats and sleeping bags to thousands of residents. Team Rubicon estimates that they saved local communities $4 million, providing relief for over 900 homes.