Supporting the Elderly in Korea

Goldman Sachs, through Goldman Sachs Gives and Woowa Brothers, a Goldman Sachs Private Investment Area portfolio company, are jointly supporting a social safety net for the elderly in Korea. The two entities are supporting the launch of the nonprofit organization “Milk Delivery to Check in on the Elderly.”

The service not only provides a regular source of nutrition through daily milk delivery, it also helps create an infrastructure for regular monitoring of the elderly, who may fall ill or even pass away alone.

Working with the local government in Korea, the nonprofit organization will select beneficiaries of the program based on their financial need. This type of intervention is modeled on the smaller “365 Milk Campaign,” initiated in 2003 by the Oksoo Central Presbyterian Church, which has been funded by the Woowa Brothers since 2011. While the current milk delivery program reaches 250 elderly people in Seoul, the grant recommendations made through Goldman Sachs Gives, along with  the Woowa Brothers’ support, will enable the nonprofit to expand to triple in size and reach 750 elderly people, with future plans to expand across all regions of Seoul.