Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research dives into macro developments that are top of mind for investors, executives and policymakers. 

Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research



16 SEP 2021 Top of Mind

Is China Investable?

As the Chinese government continues to carry out unprecedented regulatory tightening, what the new regulatory environment means for China’s growth, investment outlook and beyond is Top of Mind.

04 AUG 2021 Top of Mind

The Post-Pandemic Future of Work

As workers have started to return to the office, the extent to which pandemic-related shifts in work will persist—and the implications for workers, companies, cities and beyond—is Top of Mind.

30 JUN 2021 Top of Mind

Report: Bidenomics - Evolution or Revolution

As President Biden’s economic agenda—“Bidenomics”—takes center stage in Washington DC, how big of a shift in US economic policy it represents, and the economic and market implications of what actually passes, are Top of Mind.

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