Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research dives into macro developments that are top of mind for investors, executives and policymakers. 

Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research
Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research



19 APR 2024 Top of Mind

Weighing the GLP-1 market

The newest generation of GLP-1 drugs are being hailed by some as “miracle drugs” for the treatment of obesity. But GLP-1s are expensive, insurance coverage is limited, and not everyone with obesity can or wants to take them. Just how large the addressable market for GLP-1s actually is, and what that means for the drug companies developing them, other exposed industries, and the wider economy, is Top of Mind.

15 MAR 2024 Top of Mind

Global transit & trade:
in rough waters

Transit on the seas—the planet’s most important means of trade—has become more fraught and undersea infrastructure more vulnerable amid geopolitical and climate-related disruptions, particularly in the Red Sea. What this more challenging maritime environment means for inflation, companies, and supply chains is Top of Mind.

06 FEB 2024 Top of Mind

2024: the year of elections

With voters representing over half the world’s population—in the US, Europe, India, and beyond—expected to head to the polls this year, 2024 is the year of elections. How the numerous elections around the world could unfold, and the economic and market implications, is Top of Mind.

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