Anya Hindmarch, Fashion Designer

Published on28 MAR 2019
Europe Technology Driving Innovation

Fashion designer Anya Hindmarch discusses the innovation driving her fashion business, the storytelling in her designs and how technology continues to change the way she markets her products to the consumer.

On her entrepreneurial mindset: “I think there's actually a bit of a thread for entrepreneurs that they're used to being in the uncomfortable place and that's not scary.  In fact, it's a bit of a magnet in a funny way for me. But I really think it is incumbent on us right now, all of us in our businesses, with this huge digital change opportunity, I would say, to actually take those risks.”

On connecting the creators to the product: “For me the heroes are the craftsmen and I think that’s where it started for me. It started by being excited by how things are made and when someone makes something really beautiful, it's incredible actually.”  

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