Charles Phillips, Co-Chair of the Black Economic Alliance and Co-Founder of Recognize

Published on17 MAR 2021
Making Progress Towards Racial Equity

In this episode of Talks at GS, Charles Phillips discusses his leadership in the tech industry, his perspective on the future of cloud computing, and his work to advance the economic interests of Black Americans through the Black Economic Alliance.

On driving diversity in the tech industry: “When I talk to young people, it’s all about getting them close to things they haven't seen before. That's what we need. We've been so segregated—you don't have access… I just happened to get lucky, but we can't count on luck. We need a more programmatic way of exposing people to the art of the possible.”

On the future of cloud computing: “The reason it is now so popular is that the technology has accelerated so quickly and changed so much. It's beyond the capacity of a normal company to consume it… What's happened over the last 10 years is a fraction of what's about to happen.”



This session was recorded on on March 15, 2021.





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