Dr. Naureen Starling, Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden

Published on09 DEC 2020

In this episode of Talks at GS, Dr. Naureen Starling, associate director of Clinical Research and Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden, discusses the latest innovations occurring in cancer treatment, and how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted cancer care. 

On innovation in the treatment of cancer: “There have been huge strides made. If you think back to the sequencing of the human genome, that took years and billions of dollars to sequence the first human genome. We can now sequence a patient's cancer genome for probably under a thousand pounds in a few days.”

On the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: “It's been an incredibly challenging time… At the beginning of the pandemic, obviously, we have never experienced anything like it. It was so incredibly challenging. However, there was an exceptional rate and scale of response to that across the country.”



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