Edward Norton, Capitalism and Creative Disruption

Published on26 SEP 2017

From his breakout role in 1996’s Primal Fear, Academy Award nominated actor Edward Norton has gravitated towards complex characters in both film and theater, but intertwined with his public life as an actor is an entrepreneurial drive focused on solving complex problems – both in business and the nonprofit sector. 

On emphasizing the economic value of the environment as core to effective advocacy: “The only framework in which to persuasively affect policy and economic decision-making markets… is to prove that ecological services are an asset class…If you’re drawing down on it, you’re taking away your capital.

On changes in the entertainment industry during a time of “seismic” technological disruption: “If you’re nimble as a filmmaker… (or) any kind of creator… all of a sudden the whole matrix of the way you can do your work and move it into the world is changing… And if you aren’t precious, if you don’t get hung up on, “Well, I need to see my film at the ArcLight Cinema,” then all kinds of opportunities are opening up. And I think ultimately, it’s just very exciting.”



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