Eric Schmidt, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Published on10 MAY 2018
Artificial Intelligence

During the Goldman Sachs Systematic Investing Conference, former Alphabet chair Eric Schmidt discusses the future of AI – from the impact of voice on the healthcare industry to advisory applications in finance. He also emphasizes the cloud as a cybersecurity safeguard and gives his advice for aspiring leaders.  

On the future of computing: “I have always been skeptical that there would be any one next user interface. I think that a more likely model of computing is that computing, if you will, disappears. It just becomes part of our environment.”

On the threat of computers “taking over”: I think a more likely outcome ...is [that] the [computer] system becomes “savant systems” – where they use their ability to see very deeply, to see everything, things that humans can't do, and then they offer choices and scenarios. They offer advice.  And then the human goes, ‘Wow.’”

On the tech industry’s war for talent: “I think you're seeing the difference between supply and demand play out. But the fact of the matter is - we have very good news. Computer science is now the number one major in essentially all of the top universities. I call this the ‘Mark Zuckerberg Effect.’”  

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