Jonathan Karl, Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News

Published on1 APR 2020

Journalist Jonathan Karl discusses covering the Trump administration during the coronavirus crisis as well as his insights from covering President Trump for decades, as described in his new book, Front Row at the Trump Show.

On reporting on the coronavirus crisis: “This is a story that affects everybody and that everybody is paying attention to in a way that is even beyond 9/11.”

On protecting the White House Press Corps during the crisis: “Now suddenly I was put in a position of fighting for less access not because we literally wanted less access, but because we needed to protect the health of our members and also our ability to be there…. And it’s been a challenge, but fortunately, with a few glaring exceptions, people have understood that we’ve had to do what we’ve had to do. And we’ve shared and we’ve rotated seats and we’ve made sure that there are people there, but that there aren’t too many people there.”


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