Kate Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic

Published on08 APR 2022
Healthcare Women

Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven Clinic, discusses her experience launching a startup, her efforts to eliminate gender inequity in the healthcare system, and her perspective on the future of telemedicine. 

On her vision to eliminate inequities in the healthcare system: β€œI want to be able to show up to every person who is thinking about starting a family, or in those early years of building their family.  And we're showing up in a way you need us to show up.”

On innovating healthcare to expand access to underserved communities: β€œTo innovate in healthcare, we definitely believe that you have to innovate from within. You cannot innovate by just staying on the outside of a very big, complicated system.  You have to kind of get into the guts of it to really make change.  And so the change that we're trying to make is we're trying to bring better healthcare to underserved and marginalized patients.”

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This episode was recorded on March 28, 2022

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