Ken Griffin, How Talent and Technology Are Shaping the Markets

Published on10 MAY 2018
Artificial Intelligence

During the Goldman Sachs Systematic Investing Conference, Ken Griffin, founder and chief executive officer of global investment firm Citadel, discusses why balancing the influx of new technology with the “power of the human mind” is critical for better decision-making in the financial markets and beyond. 

On the power of strong talent: “The ability for the human mind to wrap itself around a problem is still the ultimate solution in the world. It's far better than AI – machine learning. It's far better than our best mathematical techniques. We have that large fundamental business. We have just an enormous number of insights in terms of how the world works.”

On the impact of technology: “We really think about the technological capabilities that we bring to the table as being systems in our fundamental businesses that drive better decision-making.” 


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