Lord John Browne, Author of Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilization

Published on24 OCT 2019

Former BP CEO Lord John Browne discusses the future of the fossil fuel industry, why engineering has been so critical to advancing civilization, and how social policy is adapting to those advances. 

On the role engineering plays in civilization: “I’m not saying to you that engineering rules the world and forget everything else…. But it’s really important because it will shape the future of the world as it has in the past…. and you have to be part of that.”

On the future of the fossil fuel industry: “I'm absolutely convinced now that oil and gas companies have to be accountable for the carbon that’s in their production…. And what's more, there is the technology to get rid of that carbon by capturing the carbon you produce either before it's burned or after it's burned through carbon capture and storage or using the carbon dioxide. This can be done technically.” 

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