Maverick Carter, CEO/Co-founder, SpringHill Company

Published on08 DEC 2022
Builders and Innovators 2022

At the 2022 Builders and Innovators Summit, Maverick Carter, co-founder and CEO of the SpringHill Company, shares his insights on building an athlete empowerment content and brand company with LeBron James. 

On supercharging brands: â€œA brand, if it works, will never change, right?  People know it. They like it.  So a person, to me, can never be a brand because you're always changing, evolving. So it was more about how do we build businesses and other brands that we can actually have a real effect on, through our way of storytelling -- and with LeBron's name, likeness, and image to really help supercharge and really own a piece of the equity and capture enterprise value.”

On driving creativity with athlete stories: â€œWe're an idea company. We're a creative company. Creativity is at the center of what we do. I tell the team and the company all the time, if we don't have new, innovative, amazing ideas and ways to tell a story and create experiences, then we can shut this down and go home. We have to put ideas at the center of what we do.”


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This episode was recorded on October 12, 2022.

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