Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies

Published on21 JUL 2020

In this episode of Talks at GS, Michael Dell discusses leading Dell Technologies through these challenging times, the rapid acceleration of remote workforce technologies and the digital divide that has been exacerbated during the economic shutdown.

On how technology amplifies human potential: “We're seeing this rapid emergence of a connected and intelligent world where all the physical objects are becoming instrumented and connected and digitized. 5G is about connecting things. 4G was about connecting people. And if you think you have lots of data now, you’ll have a thousand times more in a few years. And so, the combination of 5G, AI, IoT all reinforce each other and I think are going to enable us to do more than we've ever imagined.”

On the importance of diversity in the tech industry: “I think companies like… ours can create opportunities and can be a very powerful force for good in the world. So, under the theme of ‘standing strong together,’ we’ve focused on four things: First, is making sure that we've created a truly inclusive culture with a kind of passion and innovation and energy that we would apply to everything that we do. The second, is improving access to technology and education and economic opportunities. The third, is providing ongoing community support to solve racial inequities. And the fourth, are very specific actions to better source and develop diverse talent. And we're making progress, but not fast enough.”


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