Misan Harriman, Photographer

Published on21 OCT 2020
Making Progress Towards Racial Equity

In this episode of Talks at GS, photographer Misan Harriman talks about the moment he became the first Black photographer to shoot the cover of British Vogue and the impact the internet and photography can have on social change and racial equity.  

On documenting on the events of 2020: “Having a camera, walking around and photographing people who are literally fighting for the lives of people that look like myself has been a unique experience. And honestly, what I've learned is that inherently, most people are good. And the allyship and solidarity that I have seen from the protests in London have given me a huge amount of hope, especially with younger people.” 

On why this time feels different: “It’s different because of this thing called the internet. The collective voice of white people, Asian people, Black people, all of us that want to erase racism in all its forms is in the millions of people. And we know that because we're all connected via the internet. And that's why I think there is going to be change.”


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