Ric Lewis, Executive Chairman of Tristan Capital Partners

Published on14 SEP 2020
Making Progress Towards Racial Equity

In this episode of Talks at GS, Ric Lewis, executive chairman of Tristan Capital Partners, discusses navigating the real estate market throughout the pandemic and his work fostering racial equity and supporting under-representing youth around the world. 

On managing through a crisis: “Tristan is 11 years old, but my partners and I have been together for 20 plus years - so we've been through this before. We went through the tech bubble, global financial crisis, and that leads us now to the pandemic. That old adage that says you should never waste a good crisis rings true - we hate going through what we've been through here, but I think we were prepared for it as a team, and in our mind-set and perspective, on how you run a business during crisis times.”

On supporting under-represented youth globally: “My passion to support young people is building the bridge to bigger and better for those that have the talent and the drive to want to do it. And I'm indifferent as to who that is from the underrepresented community. I believe in diversity of thought, action, experience, perspective that will, if you include that in whatever you're doing, whether it's a business, et cetera, make for a better product if we practice it in our own business.”

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