Tim Davie, Director-General, BBC

Published on19 JAN 2023
Digital Europe

Tim Davie, Director-General of the BBC, discusses leading the UK’s national broadcaster through periods of disruption, the importance of trusted and independent reporting, and the rise of on-demand content. 

On the competitive landscape: “I'm not necessarily after all of your media time. I'm not trying to chase every opportunity. I've got to focus. The instinct is, and the BBC has done a bit of it in the past, let's just go wider and wider to cover off every base, every community. No. Focus on where we're utterly different.”

On the age of disinformation: “It is a huge fight. And a massive challenge. And we have to decide together, as societies and individuals, how we're going to sort this out. Because the trend lines are terrible… about 70 percent plus of the world's population no longer have a truly free press.”


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This episode was recorded on October 21, 2022.

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