AI could 'revolutionize' human knowledge, Goldman's Marco Argenti says

Published on18 APR 2023
Artificial Intelligence

The impact of advances in generative artificial intelligence on society could be comparable to the printing press, according to our Chief Information Officer Marco Argenti.

The technology underpinning chatbots such as ChatGPT, known as Large Language Models (LLMs), can redefine the “way we accumulate, codify and distribute knowledge,” he said during our Disruptive Tech Symposium in London. Argenti compared LLMs to the invention of printed books; he thinks they can fundamentally change the way we process and consume information.

“The revolution here is the revolution of knowledge,” Argenti said. “For the first time you can train an LLM on everything we have ever written, everything we have ever said, everything that we have published… now you can interact with something that represents the knowledge of a collective and then this knowledge accumulates over the years.”



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