Goldman Sachs Research

Batteries: The Greenflation Challenge II

Published on22 JUN 2022
Carbonomics Clean Tech and Renewables

In this report, Goldman Sachs Research analysts discuss six key debates that they view as top of mind for investors: (1) How much of battery chemistry improvement is offset by greenflation?, (2) How would higher battery prices impact EV penetration?, (3) How are new innovations progressing in solid state batteries?, (4) Will supply chain complexity impact new startups and will the battery industry remain consolidated?, (5) Has bargaining power shifted from OEMs to battery makers?, and (6) How does GS Research see the competitive positioning and valuation risk-reward of battery companies. They also increase their battery pack prices to account for increased battery metals price forecasts.

Goldman Sachs Research

Batteries: The Greenflation Challenge II: Raising Battery Price Forecasts; Addressing Six Key Investor Debates

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