Episode 99: Hallo Tech - Germany Adapts to the Digital Age

Published on03 AUG 2018
Europe Regional Analysis Technology Driving Innovation

03 AUG 2018 - Germany is in focus in Europe and around the globe as its historically strong economy undergoes a transformation adapting to the digital age. As part of our closer look at emerging economic and market themes in Europe, we sat down with Wolfgang Fink, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Germany and Austria, to talk about Germany’s economy and business trends, including how technology is impacting German corporations. “Technology change is affecting all large [German] corporates,” Fink says. “Most importantly, with respect to access to their customers… the disruption of their business models, the change in their value chain.” Also in the episode, Fink discusses the future of the European Union and political challenges facing Chancellor Merkel.                             




This podcast was recorded on July 19, 2018.

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