Episode 100: Why Technology is Not a Bubble

Published on07 AUG 2018
Markets Technology Driving Innovation

07 AUG 2018 - Is there a bubble in technology? Goldman Sachs Research’s Peter Oppenheimer doesn’t think so. Despite the recent stumbles in some of tech’s biggest names, the sector continues to dominate global stock indexes. “The thing that’s really set apart [today’s] technology revolution as we’re seeing it expressed in the stock market since the financial crisis is that these companies have been very successful,” says Oppenheimer. “They’ve been very dominant in terms of returns, but they’ve also been extraordinarily successful in terms of their earnings power, and their valuations have not become that extreme.” Oppenheimer draws attention to just how large the tech sector has become by comparing tech companies’ valuations to country GDPs and discusses the challenges facing today’s most dominant players.      




This podcast was recorded on July 19, 2018.

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