Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research dives into macro developments that are top of mind for investors, executives and policymakers. 

Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research
Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research



11 AUG 2023 Top of Mind

Corporate Credit Concerns

Amid the recent surge in US interest rates, whether the greater interest expense associated with higher-for-longer rates will lead to distress or even a wave of defaults across the major parts of the corporate credit market—corporate America, commercial real estate (CRE), and the private market—and the economic and market implications are Top of Mind.

10 JUL 2023 Top of Mind

Generative AI: hype, or truly transformative?

Since the release of OpenAI’s generative AI tool ChatGPT in November, investor interest in generative AI technology has surged. The disruptive potential of this technology, and whether the hype around it—as well as market pricing—has gone too far, is Top of Mind.

23 MAY 2023 Top of Mind

Daunting debt limit dynamics

With the “early June” deadline by which the US Treasury estimates it could run out of money to pay its bills if the US debt limit isn’t raised fast approaching, US debt limit dynamics are Top of Mind.

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