Dan Schulman, The Democratization of Finance

Published on02 AUG 2017

The disruption of mobile is not only transforming retail and other industries, it is helping to democratize financial services, allowing payment to be more efficient and less expensive for the more than 2 billion globally outside the financial system. PayPal president and CEO Dan Schulman discusses the power of fintech, why even tech pioneers must constantly change and innovate, and why diversity is critical for commercial success.

On what he looks for when hiring: “I want to see that you failed somewhere and then I want to see what you’re made of and how you came back from that.”

On mobile’s transformation across industries: “We are beginning to make a move from being mobile first to being mobile-only. Mobile is going to change the game.”

On why diversity is good for business: “You make better decisions when you have diversity of thought.”




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