Rajeev Misra, Creating Capital for the Future

Published on16 NOV 2017

As CEO of SoftBank Investment Advisers, Rajeev Misra has managed some of the biggest deals involving the tech industry in the world. In this discussion, held at the 2017 Goldman Sachs Private Internet Company Conference, Misra describes how he makes investment decisions and the future of finance when it comes to the tech industry.

On the investing in leadership: “We don’t invest at a very early stage because we don’t invest purely in science, but we invest in the management team. We invest in a company that's already formed a leadership position and is a market leader and what’s most important is the management and the entrepreneur.” 

On the investing process: “We spend a lot of time with these companies completely rehashing before we invest: [rehashing] their business plan… to take more capital from us than what they came out asking for.”  



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