Ted Dintersmith and Abby Falik, Reimagining Education

Published on18 OCT 2018
Builders & Innovators 2018

In this episode, filmed at Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, author Ted Dintersmith and Global Citizen Year Founder and CEO Abby Falik discuss ways to innovate the future of education for the next generation of teachers and students.

Dintersmith on creating a student-centered approach to education: “If we don’t really start delivering on the promise of letting kids forge their own path forward in ways that they believe are important to making their world better, we’re doing them a disservice.” 

Falik on rethinking the transition from high school to college: “We’re on a mission to reinvent the transition between high school and college as a deep, formative, transformational experience that unlocks these human skills of the future – giving young people from all backgrounds a global perspective, insight – burning questions to make the most of their higher education and to move into cross-sector leadership roles with the skills that they need.”

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