Dr. Tony Coles, President, CEO and Chairperson of Cerevel Therapeutics

Published on14 OCT 2020
Builders + Innovators 2020 Making Progress Towards Racial Equity

In this episode of Talks at GS, filmed at Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, Cerevel Therapeutics CEO Dr. Tony Coles discusses advances within the pharmaceutical industry, how to drive racial equity within companies, and his approach to hiring the next generation of talent. 

On advances in the pharmaceutical industry: “So, I think about this as the platinum age of science, in a way where the breakthroughs really are coming at literally breakneck speed.”

On driving racial equity within companies: “Clearly, we should be doing more and thinking more aggressively about the internal representation within firms like Goldman Sachs and firms like Cerevel… And in driving a conversation, because it's not just about the representation, it's about the conversation, that leaders have a responsibility to sponsor, to conduct, to drive and to be really aggressive and unashamed.”


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