Tricia Glynn, Managing Director at Advent International

Published on21 MAR 2022

Tricia Glynn, a managing director at Advent International, discusses her personal story and career trajectory, trends shaping private equity, and her investment outlook for the year. 

On unlocking investment opportunities during times of economic volatility: “I think what I’m most excited about right now, is that in these times of disruption and with the market—the crazy dislocations we’ve had in the labor market— you have new business formation at really high rates, you’ve got plenty of capital there to invest in these great ideas, and you’ve got a mobile labor work force right now. There’s pros and cons to that depending on what seat you sit in, but you’ve just got capital, people, ideas, and a moment in time where people are willing to break a little glass.” 

On the journey to becoming her authentic self as a female leader in private equity: “At some point in this industry, you go from analyzing to leading. When it came time to the leadership portion in my career, I couldn’t do it pretending to be somebody else. The overt change was I started wearing dresses and leather jackets and heels, truthfully, and wearing what I wanted to wear. But I found my voice in a different way, I started working on DEI issues, more overtly -- not just overtly -- loudly. And tried to become my authentic self.”

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This episode was recorded on February 23, 2022

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