Supporting Our People Around the World

The following email was sent to all employees of Goldman Sachs by David Solomon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Supporting Our People Around the World
March 8, 2020

There is nothing more important to me than protecting the welfare of our people.  We are listening closely to your concerns about the potential impacts of the current environment on you and your families, and we are committed first and foremost to supporting all of us during this challenging time. 

We remain in contact with global and local health authorities in setting our precautionary measures and policies for each of our offices around the world.  Fortunately, at this time, no Goldman Sachs colleague is known to have the coronavirus.  All of our workspaces globally remain safe for our people.  As circumstances change, please be assured that we will act quickly and decisively, and will communicate promptly and with transparency to you.  In addition, we are taking steps now to ensure that we are prepared in this rapidly changing environment.

While we are implementing our divisional and regional business continuity (BCP) strategies, what matters most is that each of you do what feels right for you and your family as you make decisions around travel and working from home. There is no bright line we can apply across all of our people or even by business globally – the situation is evolving differently around the world, and of course, each of us has unique, personal considerations that must be taken into account. I encourage you to use your judgment and work with your managers, and your decisions will be respected by the firm. In this regard, our colleagues in Asia have set an example for several weeks that provides learnings for all of us.

One of my greatest responsibilities is spending time with our people, especially in times of uncertainty. Last week I hosted a townhall in London; this week I will host a townhall in Dallas; more broadly, I am taking every opportunity I can to engage with colleagues. It’s clear to me from my conversations that you are going above and beyond to execute at the highest level in this difficult environment. I want to thank all of you for continuing to demonstrate our differentiated culture of client service and excellence.

Last week brought continued volatility in the markets, and as our clients around the world turn to us for advice and best execution, they greatly value our ability to consistently deliver the firm to serve their needs. I heard this positive feedback time and again in my client meetings over the last week.  The markets this week will continue to focus on the course of the virus, with investors further speculating on the potential economic impact in different parts of the world and how governments and central banks will react.

Against that backdrop, I ask that you maintain open lines of communication with your colleagues across the firm as you collaborate to serve our clients. I will do the same, and I will continue to share my perspectives with all of you as we move forward together.