Returning to Plumtree Court

The following email was sent today by Richard Gnodde, CEO of Goldman Sachs International, to all Goldman Sachs employees who work in our London office at Plumtree Court.

As the rate of infection continues to decline in the UK, we have been preparing Plumtree Court for a safe and effective transition back to office when the time is right. This follows many of our offices in continental Europe safely opening over the last few weeks for our people, including Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Warsaw. Our approach continues to be firmly guided by our people-first principle – your health and safety and that of your families remain our priority above all else.

Following recent government easing of lockdown restrictions, we will begin to build on those teams that have already been at Plumtree Court with a gradual and careful return to office in London from Monday, 15 June. This process is underpinned by guidance from local authorities, medical advisors and other key stakeholders in assessing health and safety considerations in our external environment, strict physical distancing protocols and feedback from you. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will amend our plans as and when needed.

Starting Monday 15 June, we will reinstate the split team rotation for those who are returning to office, taking a phased approach. Rest assured, returning is entirely voluntary and everyone is encouraged to adopt an approach that works for them and their own personal circumstances which might make a return to office challenging at this time. Divisional leadership teams will coordinate to ensure the occupancy level of our staff in office on any given day is increased gradually over time in a controlled way and will communicate divisional split team allocations with you all.

We ask for your full cooperation in adhering to the measures put in place to provide a safe working environment detailed in our Digital Welcome Guide. Importantly, before you return you must first complete an Occupational Health Survey and receive approval from Occupational Health before returning to the office. For those returning from Monday, this must be completed by 5:00 p.m. BST on Wednesday, 10 June.

We understand how challenging this period has been for everyone and it is a testament to the dedication and resilience of you all that we have continued to operate successfully within this environment. Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work during these unprecedented times and as we focus on the path forward.