Goldman Sachs Announces 10 Days of Family Leave Due to COVID-19

The following is excerpted from an email sent today to all Goldman Sachs employees by Bentley de Beyer, Global Head of Human Capital Management.

"We recognize our people are dealing with unique personal circumstances related to the profound impact of COVID-19, whether it be protecting their health, caring for a child whose school or daycare services are unavailable, adjusting to a new routine, tending to an ill or elderly family member, or managing feelings of isolation that can come from physical distancing.

As we continue to navigate this situation, we want to ensure our employees have access to the resources they need to care for themselves and their families. To support employees, we will now offer 10 days of family leave to our people globally to care for family members, as needed, due to COVID-19 related illness or childcare needs, including homeschooling. This leave applies for 2020 and is in addition to the firm’s many other benefits and wellness offerings, including other leave programs, that can add relief to employees during this period."

- Bentley de Beyer