Goldman Sachs Announces Partner Class of 2020

November 12, 2020 – Today, we are pleased to announce the Partner Class of 2020, a group of 60 individuals who have been invited to become partners of Goldman Sachs as of January 1, 2021, the start of our next fiscal year.

Goldman Sachs’ strong partnership ethos has always been at the heart of our culture. It has long applied not only to how we interact with each other as colleagues – and to how we engage with our clients, our investors and our communities – it also continues to define our unique approach to organizing and leading our firm.

The Partner Class of 2020 reflects the highly selective process to identify each new generation of Goldman Sachs senior leaders. Together, our new partners have more than 850 years of combined experience at Goldman Sachs, and bring deep and broad expertise to their new roles. Importantly, the class is accretive to the diversity of the partnership, as we continue to advance diversity and inclusion at our firm. They have also each demonstrated a distinct client service mindset and an unwavering commitment to excellence, as well as the utmost dedication to our people and culture.

As we welcome a new class to the partnership, we look forward to these talented colleagues joining our current partners in guiding and inspiring our people as we collaborate as one firm to deliver Goldman Sachs’ full capabilities to our clients and collectively focus on driving the firm forward. 

These decisions are extremely difficult, and we acknowledge the hard work of those who were not selected this year.

Congratulations to the Partner Class of 2020.

David M. Solomon
John E. Waldron
Stephen M. Scherr

Learn more about the Partner Class of 2020: 

Partner Class of 2020

The following individuals will become Partners of the firm as of January 1, 2021, the start of our next fiscal year.

Zachary Ablon, Global Markets, New York

Anne-Victoire Auriault, Global Markets, New York

Jose Barreto, Investment Banking, London

John Brennan, Investment Banking, London

Richard Chambers, Global Markets, New York

Travis Chmelka, Global Markets, New York

William Connolly, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Yasmine Coupal, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Adam Crook, Global Markets, London

Simon Dangoor, Asset Management, London

Rajashree Datta, Risk, New York

Darren Dixon, Global Markets, New York

Lisa Donnelly, Operations, London

David Dubner, Investment Banking, New York

Jane Dunlevie, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Orla Dunne, Engineering, London

Ilya Gaysinskiy, Engineering, Jersey City

Wendy Gorman, Risk, New York

Jett Greenberg, Global Markets, New York

Phillip Han, Global Markets, New York

Michael Hui, Asset Management, Hong Kong

Rajiv Kamilla, Global Markets, New York

David Kamo, Investment Banking, New York

Nimesh Khiroya, Investment Banking, London

Jerry Lee, Investment Banking, New York

Christina Ma, Global Markets, Hong Kong

Hillel Moerman, Asset Management, New York

Aimee Mungovan, Investment Banking, New York

Kaushik Murali, Global Markets, New York

Sara Naison-Tarajano, Consumer & Wealth Management, New York

Mike Nickols, Investment Banking, New York

Ryan Nolan, Investment Banking, San Francisco

Bartosz Ostenda, Investment Banking, San Francisco

David Plutzer, Legal, New York

Nick Pomponi, Investment Banking, New York

Nicole Pullen Ross, Consumer & Wealth Management, New York

Muhammad Qubbaj, Global Markets, New York

Max Ramirez, Asset Management, London

Neema Raphael, Engineering, New York

Riccardo Riboldi, Global Markets, London

Osmin Rivera, Global Markets, New York

Brian Robinson, Global Markets, New York

Cosmo Roe, Investment Banking, New York

Jennifer Roth, Global Markets, New York

Jonathan Rousse, Global Markets, New York

Yassaman Salas, Investment Banking, New York

Gunjan Samtani, Engineering, Bengaluru

Michael Schlee, Compliance, New York

Leonard Seevers, Asset Management, New York

Ales Sladic, Global Markets, Hong Kong

Miruna Stratan, Investment Banking, New York

Michael Ungari, Asset Management, New York

Nicholas van den Arend, Investment Banking, London

Alex von Moll, Global Markets, London

Heather von Zuben, Asset Management, New York

Monali Vora, Asset Management, New York

Michael Voris, Investment Banking, New York

David Wade, Global Markets, London

Karl Wianecki, Asset Management, Jersey City

Mark Wilson, Global Markets, London

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