19 JUN 2020

A Joint Statement From Goldman Sachs’ Inclusion and Diversity Committees and Networks

Goldman Sachs is focused on creating a workforce from the widest range of experiences, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. As David Solomon, our Chairman and CEO, has been reinforcing both inside Goldman Sachs and externally, including in his most recent audio message, there is no place for discrimination of any kind, at any level, at this firm, and we are committed to do our part to promote a more just society.

In recognition of Juneteenth and Windrush, at this historic moment for societies and race relations around the world, we, the firm's Inclusion and Diversity Committees and Networks, want to be emphatic, vocal and clear about what we stand for:

  • We collectively condemn the racism that has resulted in the unjust deaths of and systemic discrimination against Black people;
  • We collectively stand against harassment or persecution due to ethnicity, religious belief, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, veteran status or disability;
  • We are committed to developing new approaches towards increasing representation of diverse communities at the firm and ensuring our people develop their careers to their fullest potential;
  • We are working to create an environment in which our colleagues thrive not in spite of our differences but rather because of them;
  • And, in the broadest sense, we are committed to doing our part to further inclusion and racial equity both within our firm and society-at-large.

Our goal is to be the employer of choice to all professionals and therefore diversity and inclusion are imperatives and not optional.

If we remain persistent in our focus on these key tenets, over time we will better leverage our people, our spirit of innovation and our teamwork-oriented culture to most effectively serve our global client base with backgrounds as diverse as our own.

Maya Angelou, the American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist, once wrote in her poem, Human Family:

“I note the obvious differences
Between each sort and type
But we are more alike, my friends,
Than we are unalike.”

In that spirit, please join us in committing to ongoing honest conversation as we, in this moment, tackle the worst of humanity to bring out its best.  Everyone’s active engagement will be needed to make sustainable change.

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
-- James Baldwin, American novelist, playwright, essayist, poet, and activist


Gwen Libstag Co-Chair, Global Inclusion & Diversity Committee (GIDC)
Liz Martin Co-Chair, GIDC
Marco Argenti GIDC / Global Asian Network Sponsor
Lisa Opoku GIDC / Global Black Network Sponsor / Co-Chair, Americas IDC (AIDC)
Asahi Pompey GIDC / Global Black Network Sponsor
Karen Seymour GIDC / Global Disability Network Sponsor
Gonzalo Garcia GIDC / Global Hispanic/Latinx Network Sponsor
Bentley de Beyer GIDC / Global LGBT+ Network Sponsor
Gregg Lemkau GIDC / Global Veterans Network Sponsor
Stephanie Cohen GIDC / Global Women's Network Sponsor
Beth Hammack GIDC / Global Women's Network Sponsor
Richard Gnodde GIDC / Co-Chair, EMEA IDC (EIDC)
James Paradise GIDC / Co-Chair, APAC IDC (APIDC)
Laurence Stein GIDC / Co-Chair, AIDC
Stephanie Hui GIDC / APIDC
Nishi Somaiya GIDC / EIDC
Jim Esposito GIDC
Marc Nachmann GIDC
Julian Salisbury GIDC
Eric Lane GIDC
Meena Flynn GIDC
Erika Irish Brown GIDC / Chief Diversity Officer
Megan Hogan GIDC, Chief Operating Officer



Chris Kojima AIDC / Americas Asian Network Head
Stephanie Smith AIDC / Americas Black Network Head
Adrian Jones AIDC / Americas Disability Network Head
Ricardo Mora AIDC / Americas Hispanic/Latinx Network Head
Michael Paese AIDC / Americas LGBT+ Network Head
Heather Miner AIDC / Americas Women's Network Co-Head
Jo Natauri AIDC / Americas Women's Network Co-Head

Anna Skoglund Co-Chair, EIDC / EMEA Women's Network Co-Head
Kunal Shah EIDC / EMEA Asian Network Head
Andrew Bagley EIDC / EMEA Black Network Head
Jo Hannaford EIDC / EMEA Disability Network Head
Denis Coleman EIDC / EMEA LGBT+ Network Co-Head
Mikhail Zlotnik EIDC / EMEA LGBT+ Network Co-Head
Heather Mulahasani EIDC / EMEA Religion Networks Sponsor
Kathleen Hughes EIDC / EMEA Veterans Network Head
Céline Méchain EIDC / EMEA Women's Network Co-Head

Denise Wyllie Co-Chair, APIDC
Iain Drayton APIDC / APAC Black and Hispanic/Latinx Network Head
Shin Horie APIDC / APAC Disability Network Head
Nell Hutton APIDC / APAC LGBT+ Network Co-Head
Sean Fan APIDC / APAC LGBT+ Network Co-Head
Padideh Raphael APIDC / APAC Women's Network Co-Head
Francois Rigou APIDC / APAC Women's Network Co-Head

Gunjan Samtani Co-Chair, India IDC (IIDC)
Sonjoy Chatterjee Co-Chair, IIDC
Ravi Krishnan Co-Chair, IIDC


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Making Progress Towards Racial Equity
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