Driving Long-Term Value Through Sustainability

As an investment bank, asset manager, corporate issuer, and risk manager, our firm is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives — from companies, institutional investors, and governments to individuals — each with their own distinct set of sustainability priorities. Our growing suite of sustainable finance services and solutions, delivered through our One Goldman Sachs commercial model, enables us to capture client demand for solutions that support our clients’ sustainability objectives and contribute to our $750 billion sustainable finance commitment. 

Working with Clients

For more than two decades, we have been helping our clients achieve their sustainability objectives. Our clients continue to seek markets expertise, access to capital, and innovative sustainable finance solutions to support their decarbonization and sustainable growth strategies. Through our recent work with clients in all sectors of the real economy across public and private markets, we share six thematic opportunities in today’s marketplace.

Leveraging Data and Metrics for Better Decision Making

Data informs our decision-making, from how we manage our firm to how we help our clients deliver on their sustainability ambitions.

Mobilizing Transition Finance through Public-Private Partnerships

We are working with clients to help develop innovative blended finance structures to attract commercial capital towards projects that contribute to sustainable development. 

Unlocking Economic Opportunities

We are leveraging our firm’s community development capital to support our communities. We are also investing our clients' capital aligned with their thematic preferences across both public and private markets. 

Scaling Technology Solutions to Support the Energy Transition

We seek to take a comprehensive approach to supporting emerging decarbonization technologies that will play a critical role in enabling a secure, affordable energy future.

Enabling the New Transportation Sector Value Chain

We are helping our clients as they aim to create more sustainable transportation value chains from enhancing battery recycling to scaling grid-scale battery storage.

Preserving Natural Capital and Protecting Biodiversity

We support our clients as they seek to help preserve natural capital and protect biodiversity loss.

“We have always acknowledged that navigating climate transition would be complex and that as a financial institution, our central focus should remain on how we can deliver sustainability solutions for our clients and grow commercial capabilities to support them.” 

David Solomon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Facilitating Our Clients’ Priorities Through Our $750B Sustainable Finance Commitment

In 2019, we developed our Sustainable Finance Framework and announced our firmwide 10-year, $750 billion sustainable finance commitment to support the increasing demand for sustainable finance solutions across our financing, investing, and advisory work with clients. We have made significant progress over the first four years, achieving approximately $555 billion in commercial activity, including:



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