Amplifying Voices of Black Women

One Million Black Women is launching a new public policy initiative to amplify the voices of Black women in the United States as they advocate for policy changes that will help advance economic opportunity. Systemic challenges require sustained investment from the private sector and policy makers need to hear from Black women on the issues and policies affecting them. We will share our findings to catalyze the development of policy solutions that will drive systems change across critical economic issues.

We conducted a national survey of 2,500 adults, including 600 Black women, to help guide our work. To learn more about our findings, please read our press release and view the survey results below.

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We plan to continue to listen and seek feedback from across the country.  And we will share our findings to catalyze the development of policy solutions to narrow opportunity gaps.



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Our public policy initiative is fueled by Black women across the country. As we head into the 2024 election cycle, Black women are ready to make their voices heard.

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Building a More Inclusive Economy

Our research shows that investing in Black women can raise the US GDP up to $525B annually. Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women is a $10B investment strategy designed to narrow opportunity gaps facing Black women across education, healthcare, housing and more. In just two years since launch, Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women has deployed over $2.1B in investment capital and over $23M in philanthropic grants to 137 organizations that are positively impacting the lives of Black women.

Black Women Impact Grants

One Million Black Women is proud to invest $10 million through our Black Women Impact Grants, a multi-year grant program, scaling the efforts of nonprofits that are led by Black women and narrowing opportunity gaps at pivotal moments in a Black woman’s life.

One Million Black Women: Black in Business

Goldman Sachs has spent the last decade helping small businesses grow with 10,000 Small Businesses. Now, One Million Black Women is taking it further -- reaching Black women sole proprietors with the tools necessary to turn their business potential into business growth. Through the One Million Black Women: Black in Business, participants will learn how to better understand their finances, hire their first employee, price their products or services, and much more – at no cost to the business owner.

One Million Black Women

In partnership with Black women-led organizations and other partners, our investment initiative, One Million Black Women, commits $10 billion is direct investment capital and $100 million is philanthropic support to address the dual disproportionate gender and racial biases that Black women have faced for generations.