10,000 Small Businesses UK (10KSB UK) graduate, Belu, started supplying bottled water to Goldman Sachs in 2017. Belu’s mission is to deliver an environmentally-improved and sustainable water offering to the market, and donate all profits to the charity WaterAid to transform lives worldwide with clean water. Originally supplying bottled water to the UK hotel, restaurant and catering industries, participation in the 10KSB UK program challenged them to develop a strategy to offer water filtration services to clients and expand in the corporate sector. Our new Plumtree Court office became the test bed for their water filtration offering: partnering with Brita Vivreau, they supply over 60 water taps across the London office, offering filtered, chilled, hot, still and sparking water to our ~7,000 employees. Belu hopes to replicate this model across other corporate offices, providing a more sustainable revenue stream, which further reduces the environmental impact of single-use water bottles, while helping transform more lives with WaterAid.