Since 2020, Goldman Sachs has been a member of MSDUK, the UK advocacy agency for Ethnic Minority-owned businesses. Mayank Shah, founder and CEO of MSDUK, enrolled in the UK 10,000 Small Businesses program in 2011 with the program playing a fundamental role in the organization’s growth over the following 10 years.

“The 10KSB program was perfectly designed for businesses like MSDUK. It allowed me space to be ‘on the business’ and not ‘in the business’ and enabled me to lead MSDUK to its next 10 years of sustained growth, supporting over 3,000 Ethnic Minority-Owned Businesses (EMBs).

MSDUK has since partnered with the UK 10KSB program, helping over 60 EMBs join the program and manage their own growth whilst simultaneously bringing new 10KSB alumni EMBs into the MSDUK network. Many are also now mentoring young entrepreneurs as part of the MSDUK accelerator.

EMBs play an important role in the British economy and participation in the 10KSB program enables them to take their business to the next level whilst concurrently providing them access to a very influential network.”

Mayank Shah
Founder & CEO