Social Sustainability

We drive social initiatives in proximity to where we live and work, actively engaging with organizations and people to address relevant topics in local neighborhoods.

The below projects serve as examples of some of our prior and ongoing work to engage with the local community around the world.

  • Career Development – When building our Plumtree Court office in London, we engaged local schools and universities to promote the benefits of careers in construction and the built environment. Near to our New York and New Jersey offices, we partnered with four community colleges to facilitate the Local College Collaborative (LCC), a unique leadership program that brought together underrepresented college students with Goldman Sachs business leaders to develop leadership and career readiness skills. 
  • Disability Awareness – Across our APAC and ANZ offices, we have partnered with local organizations like Scope Australia, the Autism Resource Centre in Singapore and i-dArt in Hong Kong to raise funds and awareness for artists with different abilities by auctioning their artwork.
  • Environment – During the construction of 150ORR in Bengaluru, we funded the construction of washrooms in schools and launched our “One for Each Tree” initiative, a pledge to plant one tree in and around Bengaluru for every employee of the firm in India by 2025, to help restore the city's green cover. 
  • Homelessness – In the UK, we have worked with both St Mungo’s and St Basil’s to raise awareness and funds for the important work they do to prevent homelessness and get people back into skilled training. In Dallas, we have begun to work with the Vogel Alcove, a non-profit focused on families experiencing homelessness.
  • Health and Safety – We hosted public events focused on cycling safety in London and engaged our construction workers in both London and Bengaluru with health camps.
  • Youth Art Development – For over fifteen years, we hosted our Student Art Project (SAP) which was a free arts and education program that introduced local students to new artistic mediums and environments, while also encouraging them to think critically about topical issues that impacted their community. In partnership with a local artist and a non-profit partner, students completed a series of education workshops around a particular theme and translated their lessons into individual works that reflected their personal views on the subject. Principally hosted in Jersey City, the programs were also undertaken in New York City, Salt Lake City, London and Bengaluru.