2006: Center for Environmental Markets

Goldman Sachs Launched the Center for Environmental Markets

In 2006, Goldman Sachs established the Center for Environmental Markets and awarded our first research grants to tackle environmental challenges through market solutions. The three grants, totaling more than $2.3 million, were awarded to:

Resources for the Future — Assessing climate policy options

World Resources Institute — Global technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions  

Woods Hole Research Center — Valuing forest ecosystems

Since its inception, our Center has contributed more than $13 million to partnerships that develop market solutions to environmental challenges.

Additional Milestone - Goldman Sachs Implemented Enhanced Environmental Due Diligence Practices

Goldman Sachs considers the environmental impact and practices of existing and potential clients when we make business selection decisions. In 2006, we began to apply the guidelines described in our Environmental Policy Framework and integrate the sustainability commitments throughout our business activities. Since then, we have developed new training programs in our offices around the world and established 14 new sector guidelines for our business units.