The S&P GSCI™ has a futures contract listed on the CME, making it a truly public index that has been traded by numerous market makers for over 12 years. An investment in the S&P GSCI™ accesses the liquidity of the underlying commodity markets and offers excellent price transparency.

There are numerous ways to invest in the S&P GSCI™ Commodity Index. OTC swaps on either the Excess or Total Return indices allow investors to have direct participation in the S&P GSCI™ Excess or Total Return indices but also have an unlimited downside. Structured notes can be used to gain exposure while limiting the downside from investing. S&P GSCI™ futures listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange can be rolled monthly to replicate the S&P GSCI™ index. Third-party asset managers offer products providing commodity exposure that are benchmarked to the S&P GSCI™. Certificates and warrants on the S&P GSCI™ are available, but US residents are unable to invest via this method.