Sustainability and Impact Investing

At Goldman Sachs, we believe that strong communities are the foundation of a prosperous society. Through our Sustainability and Impact Investing initiatives, we find innovative commercial solutions that address social and civic challenges in communities across the United States.

The Urban Investment Group is a domestic, multi-asset class investing and lending business deploying over $3 billion annually in community and economic development through real estate projects, social enterprises, and lending facilities for small businesses.

Community Development

Goldman Sachs has invested in communities across the United States, supporting a wide variety of development and revitalization projects. We’ve invested in affordable housing construction, job creation, quality education, healthcare facilities, small businesses and more, part of our ongoing effort to empower communities and promote long-term economic growth.

Learn more about the Goldman Sachs Bank USA Community Grants Program and how to apply.


Small Business Financing

Through the 10,000 Small Businesses program, Goldman Sachs helps entrepreneurs create jobs and opportunities in their communities.

The program provides greater access to education and business support services, as well as a network of fellow entrepreneurs whose knowledge, commitment and drive has proved vital to our graduates. An essential component of our Impact Investing approach, the program also provides loans to small businesses that lack access to affordable capital or may not qualify for traditional sources of credit by partnering with select Community Development Financial Institutions in 18 locations across the United States.