The Goldman Sachs Global Institute

The world is in an era of profound geopolitical, technological, and economic transformations. The accelerating rate of change requires deep and immediate understanding of what’s new and why it matters. Now more than ever, leaders need strategic insights, collaborative problem-solving, and expert analysis to successfully navigate the trends reshaping our world.

Backed by the global network and expertise of Goldman Sachs, the Global Institute is uniquely positioned to offer clients perspectives and partnerships at the intersection of geopolitics, technology, and global markets.



Our approach

  • Insights

    Timely analysis of the most important inflection points reshaping our world


    Timely analysis of the most important inflection points reshaping our world

  • Partnerships

    Collaborative problem-solving focused on finding solutions


    Collaborative problem-solving focused on finding solutions

  • Convening

    Bringing people together across disciplines to solve problems at scale


    Bringing people together across disciplines to solve problems at scale

"Technology, capital markets, geopolitics – few institutions understand all three. When our clients need a strategy for navigating the swift currents of world affairs, they turn to the Goldman Sachs Global Institute."


David Solomon,
Chairman and CEO

Positioned to Lead

We draw on Goldman Sachs’s global network, unrivaled expertise, and best-in-class services in the critical areas facing our clients and the world.

We are grounded in more than 150 years of experience working with the world’s leading businesses, entrepreneurs, and institutions

We draw on our deep knowledge and relationships across disciplines, industries, and geographies

We engage with leaders from every sector working on today’s most pressing issues

And we provide our clients with insights to help them navigate and lead in a rapidly changing world

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