Goldman Sachs 2017 Summer Intern Survey Key Insights Who They Are Worldview Looking Forward Keeping Informed Spending Habits Lifestyle Who They Are Our interns are college and graduate students from around the world. We surveyed them to gain insight into their perspectives. Nearly 69% of the intern class participated in the survey. Where are they from? 97 countries Speak 78 languages Attend 439 universities Study 56 majors Our interns work across global offices. My Goldman Sachs office is in: 63% Americas 20% Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 17% Asia Pacific (including India) Worldview Our interns are globally conscious. They are optimistic about the future, and see opportunities for governments and communities to work together more closely. What will have the biggest global impact in the next decade?* *Percentage of interns who selected these topics, when asked to pick up to 3 from 9 options 85% Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 47% Cybercrime 43% Climate Change Should governments be cooperating on climate change? 96% of our interns said yes. What does being an engaged citizen mean? “Being informed, involved and proactive.” – Intern from EMEA “Critically thinking and using data-backed evidence to bring positive change in the world for all people.” − Intern from Japan They are overwhelming optimistic about the future. What words would you use to describe your feelings about the future?* *Based on frequency of mentions of words and their variations (e.g., excited and exciting both included) 61% mentioned words like excited, optimistic or hopeful. 20% mentioned words like uncertainty or unpredictability Looking Forward Our interns are future-minded. They are focused on setting goals and meeting milestones to move their lives and careers forward. What are your expectations for the future? 83% expect to buy a house by age 40 82% think they will get married or form a domestic partnership 76% plan to raise kids 63% expect to buy a car by age 30 Which language is more important to learn to prepare for the future – Python or Mandarin? 72% think that Python is more important to learn for the future. 28% Mandarin They want to get the most from their future jobs. In terms of my next job, what’s very important is:* *The top 4 responses picked out of 7 options. 85% Developing Skills 80% What I do day-to-day 38% Job security 37% diversity Spending Habits They are ahead of the game when it comes to financial literacy. A large majority are already saving and investing toward their future. Right now, how are you saving for your future? 75% of interns have started saving. 41% dedicating a small percentage monthly 34% saving as much as they can 25% focused on paying off debt or not saving They are responsible with their money. If I had an extra $1,000, I would: 66% save or invest it 15% go on vacation 11% pay off debt 7% buy something special Keeping Informed Our interns get a well-rounded view of the world by staying on top of the latest news, trends and culture through a range of sources. What’s your go-to source for news?* *34% listed other news sources 35% The Wall Street Journal 12% Financial Times 10% The New York Times 9% Bloomberg Social media accounts they deem “must-follows”* *Curated selection of popular responses ESPN Lloyd Blankfein Elon Musk National Geographic Donald Trump If I had to choose one, my favorite app to communicate would be:* *Outside of the US, WhatsApp is the #1 communication app preference 30% Facebook 27% WhatsApp 17% Snapchat 8% Instagram 18% Other Lifestyle When it comes to work-life integration and staying healthy, our interns make exercise a top priority. And they don’t want to stress about the way they dress. What would you prefer to wear at work? 79% prefer more casual workwear 51% business casual (no jacket/tie required) 21% Traditional business attire 17% Casual (hoodies, jeans) 11% anything goes They are hitting the gym. For me, staying healthy means prioritizing: 36% Exercise 22% Time with friends & family 20% Sleep 14% Diet 9% Relaxation